Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rocker Kitty Zippy has left the building

First off, happy birthday wishes to Phil, for whom this little rocker Kitty Zippy was created! (But don't tell him, his birthday's not until tomorrow!) Just like Phil, this Kitty Zippy loves playing the guitar and listening to vinyl.

But he is still a Kitty after all, so besides his guitar and vinyl record guts; he also has fish, a toy mouse, a hairball, and a heart (for him and his girlfriend, awwww!).

Happy Birthday Phil! Enjoy your new Zippy band member!

-Zippy out

Monday, April 4, 2011

Zippy gets Artsy!

Say hello to Duke! Duke is a Zippy Puppy designed for a friend at Kean University. Duke loves children and visiting art galleries.

Here is Duke enjoying a children's chair at a Kean gallery, his two favorite things!

Duke also loves all of his anatomically correct organs. So much that he takes them out to play with.

-Zippy out