Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love Lucy!

I just finished Lucy, a little kitty Zippy inspired by a real life kitty named Lucy. When Lucy's mom first described her to me she said, "She's colors that you've never seen before!" So with that I had to go shopping for some new fleece, no black and white kitty (like her brother, Scout). I brought Lucy Zippy over to meet her likeness and wrap her up before her mom got home from vacation. While I was there I learned Zippies + real animals = longest photo shoot ever.

Lucy Zippy relaxing on the porch.

Lucy Cat and Lucy Zippy didn't quite know what to make of each other at first.

But they became friends soon enough!

Lucy's got your standard kitty things like fish, a mouse and a hair-ball; but Lucy also loves dark chocolate m&m's and robots!

Here's Lucy Cat being a big help, in the way that a small child is a big help... taking things from your meticulously set still life and playing with them.

Lucy Zippy and her big brother Scout Zippy.

Kitty guts everywhere!

Next time I do an animal photo shoot I will have to remember treats!

-Zippy out

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Congratulations Jackie and Bill!

As the first online customer of Zippy Friends was getting ready for her wedding, Zippy Friends was getting ready for her bridal shower. What gift would we bring to her pre-wedding party? Why personalized Bride and Groom Zippies of course!

The happy couple.

The biggest challenge (after finding ways to attach bow ties and veils and still being able to unzip zippers) was to fill each Zippy Friend with things that they each liked.

What would bridal photos be without some close ups of accessories?

Congratulations again to Jackie and Bill! May all their married days be merry!

-Zippy out!